Hawley StreeTscape

From conceptual design to construction documentation, including successful grant writing support, Woodland Design led the Hawley Streetscape project through its entirety. This street revitalization included numerous meetings and efforts coordinating the construction of walkways and crosswalks, underground utilities, lighting installation, parking, and safety considerations; ultimately strengthening the pedestrian connections between multiple businesses on both sides of Hawley, PA’s Main Street (US Route 6).  The design features traffic calming curb extensions at crosswalks, native bluestone pavers, shade trees, and path of travel lighting.  


Linglestown Tap

An eight-mile overhead utility line near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the Linglestown Tap project extends along the Susquehanna River Valley and will bring power to farms, businesses, and residences throughout the region. Due to its size and proximity to protected streams, wetlands, waters, and habitat of the Commonwealth, Woodland Design joined the multidisciplinary team to acquire the project's National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit.  Typical of a project like this, Woodland is providing erosion and sediment control plans and construction administration to assure transparency and ease of the environmental aspects as the line is currently being built. 


Paupack Township Park

Thirty-two years ago Woodland Design worked with Paupack Township residents to create an initial Master Plan for their community park. Since that time Woodland has worked with various writers, groups, and park users to attain grants which have funded ball fields, tennis courts, a large playground, picnic and pavilion amenities, a hiking trail which extends into the community, associated supporting facilities, and a continued high level of maintenance. Today Paupack Township Park hosts cultural and musical events, group sports, and outdoor gatherings; it has become a fixture of the community.   


Wayne County Recreation Complex

Woodland Design Associates’ scope at Wayne County’s Recreation Complex near Beach Lake, Pennsylvania initially started as a master plan for the 150 acre property; focusing primarily on the County’s emergency management facility site plan. Woodland’s role would subsequently grow to include soccer fields and a long hiking trail. During the summer months these recreational elements are used heavily by youth soccer programs and surrounding community members. Woodland continues to provide support as the recreation complex develops. 


Wayne County Historical Society Lock 31

Along the Lackawaxen River between Hawley and Honesdale, Pennsylvania river locks and train tracks stand as a testament to Pennsylvania and America’s rich, small town history. With a deep respect for the character of historic Lock 31, Woodland Design was tasked with creating an historical site master plan; offering access to the grounds through wayfinding trails and passive recreation. This project included subsequent development of ADA parking facilities and access. Woodland Design continues to be involved with the property, currently providing grant support for funding of additional elements.


Zefran Dental Office

Adjacent to the Route 6 Plaza in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, Woodland Design provided the land development plan for the Zefran Dental Office. The scope and process for the project included the development of plans which calculated and managed stormwater, provided highway access and permitting, attained local zoning approval and included aesthetically appealing landscape planting and design.


Wayne county Correctional facility

Woodland Design began working on this correctional facility by meeting with County advisors to identify and select an appropriate site. Creation of a land development plan with wetland delineation and mitigation, stormwater management, and a site design shortly followed. Woodland would later provide the team with support and help attain zoning approval. Today the facility continues to function well and remains, as intended, inconspicuous, in the wooded foothills of Wayne County, Pennsylvania.